Community Support

Community Support


Deaf Action Center is proud to provide Advocacy Services for the Deaf and hard of hearing who face communication barriers, accessibility issues, or service challenges in their workplace, community, or home.

Our Deafness Resource Specialists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area coordinate projects through local service providers to assist, state, local, and federal agencies, public agencies and organizations, and private entities in making their services accessible to individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Our programs also address attitudinal and cultural barriers hindering successful service delivery to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, provide information and referral services, and provide training for improved relations between the people we serve and businesses and public service providers.

DAC Advocacy Services are contracted with the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DARS DHHS).

They include:

  • Current information related to workplace and medical office accommodations for the Deaf and hard of hearing

  • Community Training and Informative Seminars on Topics and Issues relating to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Communication and Accommodation Assessments of Schools, Medical Facilities, Offices, Civic and Community Buildings, Lodging and Entertainment Complexes, etc.

  • TTY and 9-1-1 Training Youth Empowerment and Leadership Training

To schedule an appointment with a Deafness Resource Specialist:

Dallas :

Shawn Frazier

Call (214) 295-9654 or Email to

Fort Worth:

Sheila Grady

Call (682) 990-3601 or Email to

Hearing Loss Support

Our Hearing Loss Resource Specialists are available to help hard of hearing and late-deafened learn better ways to live with their hearing loss.

Teaching coping strategies:

Meet one-on-one in our office or at a work site or home to explain the resources and services available in Texas.

Case management:

We work with each individual to help them access the services they need.

Assistive Technology Center:

Where people with hearing loss can see and try various telephones, listening systems, and alerting devices for the workplace, education and home settings.

Workshops / Presentations: 

We will present on a wide variety of topics related to hearing loss. We do in-service presentations to school staff, hospital staff and other organizations.


Esther Kelly

Call  (214) 521-0407 or  Email to

Fort Worth:

Brenda Shepherd

Call (817) 879-2889 or Email to

Our Hearing Loss Resource Specialists are contracted with the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services -Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DARS-DHHS)

Senior Citizen Center

No one ever outgrows the needs for dignity and respect. We welcome Deaf and hard of hearing citizens 55 and older to our Senior Citizens Center and Senior Program.  Here, we encourage seniors to be integral parts of their community, living a healthy, enriched, and empowered life. Our staff is eager to serve our senior citizens by listening to their concerns, encouraging positive thinking, and promoting self-esteem. By interacting in all activities, we focus on the needs of the entire group, as well as the needs of each of our individual senior.

Daily, seniors are offered a wide range of programs and services including:

Hot Lunches:

At the Center, seniors have the opportunity to fellowship with each other and share a healthy, well-balanced meal. Each nutritious meal is planned by a certified nutritionist to meet one third of an individual’s nutritional requirements, and to appeal to and satisfy senior adults. Provided through Title III Program funds—donations encouraged.

Activities, Trips, and Special Events:

Seniors participate in a variety of activities, trips, and special events, creatively designed to meet the ever-changing needs and interests of a growing and active adult population. Activities may include:

  • Dominoes
  • Bingo
  • Cards
  • Arts and crafts
  • Board and computer games
  • Fellowship
  • Movies with popcorn
  • Picnics
  • Field trips
  • Celebrations for special occasions and holidays
  • Seminars and speakers on current topical information, health screenings, counseling, diabetic testing, nutrition, education, referral services, and more.


If you are interested in learning more about our activities and resources for Senior Citizens please contact:

Senior Citizens Manager:

Tuncer Dibirdik

Call 214-377-1896 or Email to

Information, Referral & Assistance:

On site information and referral services provide seniors and their family members information about various agencies, support groups, medical facilities, and many other community resources available to them.


Deaf Action Senior Center provides transportation services for seniors who want to participate in the Senior Citizens Program, as well as for activities and for lunch. Rides must be scheduled a day in advance. Transportation is provided weekly to the local grocery store and pharmacy. Donations accepted and appreciated for this service.

Site Council:

Our Site Council gives seniors a clear voice in the Center and Program, enhancing and enriching everything we do and offer. The Site Council advises and assists staff to help promote health, wellbeing, and independence through recreation, creative activity, support services, and all matters relating to the delivery of nutrition and supporting social service.

Deaf Action Senior Citizens Center is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm (closed on holidays). We also serve as a distribution center for the North Texas Food Bank.

Deaf Action Senior Citizens Center and Programs are made possible through a wide variety of support from both the public and private sector, including:

Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP)

The State of Texas is committed by law to help residents that need assistance. Specialized telephone equipment is provided to certified citizens through the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services–Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DARS-DHHS) (you are entitled to receive one telephone through DARS-DHHS every five years).

Our STAP Coordinators can help you understand your options and answer any questions you have regarding the STAP Program and the assistive telecommunication devices provided by the state.

Dallas and Surrounding Cities:

Richard Jones

Call (214)-521-0407  or Email to

Fort Worth and Surrounding Cities:

Leslie Seggelink

Call (214)-991-1962 or Email to